We design only the highest quality components into our fan assemblies. Read more.

All plastic components are molded from engineering grade glass-filled nylon resin. All motors are designed for long life, durability and harsh environments. These motors perform not only on the race track, but also in extreme off-road conditions. All fan products are performance tested using our in-house air test chamber which insures you can trust our performance numbers. MARADYNE® engineering also controls and monitors the design and manufacture of our fan assemblies at every step of the process, insuring you get a quality product every time.

MARADYNE® Engineering strives to improve upon existing industry accepted designs so you get the most fan for your money.

MARADYNE® fans are found on Nationwide and Cup Series race cars, dragsters, hot rods, off-road vehicles, mobile generator sets, military vehicles, buses, golf carts, and many other specialty applications.

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Designing Maximum-Performance Electric Cooling Fans

A well-designed electric radiator cooling fan is critical to prevent engine overheating in a variety of demanding driving conditions. The heat generated in stop-and-go-driving, when racing, and from hot weather, can kill engines. Electric cooling fans will provide the airflow needed to dissipate excess engine heat with the least impact on horsepower and fuel economy. Without airflow, a radiator can become simply a holding tank for hot coolant.
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So what does it take to create a cooling fan that can efficiently deliver the required airflow without increasing power consumption? The engineers at Maradyne High Performance fans have addressed all of the critical design factors to develop a range of effective and reliable radiator fans for many different applications.

The company’s flagship fan can be found on the cars of several Nationwide and Cup Series teams, a demanding application where cooling is critical to winning performance. Maradyne fans offer a proven way to keep daily drivers, street rods, muscle cars and off-road vehicles cool.

Factors that Impact Fan Performance

Maradyne engineers make precise calculations to create the optimal angle of airflow through the fan at three points – hub, fan middle and outer tip, working with factors such as blade width, blade pitch angle, number of blades and blade velocity.

This yields the ideal design and balance in a hypothetical set of conditions. To make it fully functional in the real world of engine cooling, engineers need to optimize the blade pitch at static pressure and RPM conditions which replicate most automotive applications. Essential aspects of optimum high-performance fan design include:

  • Balanced Blades – Prevent additional stress and wear on the motor, which can shorten its lifespan.

  • AMP Draw – A critical part of the design process is to create an efficient fan that can achieve maximum performance with the least amount of amp draw.

  • Concentric Rings – To create a stable surrounding for the blades of larger fans (16-inch diameter), durable glass-filled nylon concentric rings are used to tie fan blade tips together. Two rings, one outer and one inner, are used on 16-inch fans to add stiffness to the blade and prevent it from flexing rearward (into the shroud) at high RPM. Smaller fans (14- to 12-inch fans) have one outer ring preventing blade flex and distortion. The rings also reduce noise by preventing harmonic vibrations that can occur when individual blades rotate at high speeds.

  • Sealed Motor – One of the key factors that impacts longevity and performance of electric fans is the motor that drives them. When air is hot, heavy with humidity or in harsh off-road applications where dust and water come into play, a well-built motor is essential. Maradyne’s Champion Series motors carry an IP68 certification, indicating that they meet stringent waterproof & dustproof standards and are constructed with quality internal componentry.

Practical Design & Testing

With a theoretical “best design” in place, Maradyne then rapid prototypes the designs to analyze fan variations in their test facilities to further optimize performance. Analysis will include a range of tests at various static pressures to measure airflow, speed, torque and amp draw.

In addition to stringent internal testing, real-world validation is obtained from the many racing teams that utilize Maradyne fans in demanding off-road and on-track conditions. “Our fans can perform and survive the punishment of TORC Off-Road racing and the Nationwide and Cup series, proving that they can handle the toughest conditions,” said CJ Clayton, national sales manager for Maradyne High Performance Fans.


Maradyne engineers are invested in creating industry-leading electric cooling fans known for high performance and durability. To choose a fan to keep your vehicle running well, Maradyne offers a comprehensive catalog featuring an extensive application guide. Additional details and assistance can be found at, or call the Maradyne Tech Line at 800.403.7953. Print article.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: CJ Clayton, national sales manager for Maradyne High Performance Fans, has over 25 years of automotive industry experience and a passion for performance, from dragsters and hot rods to off-road vehicles. An electric fan and engine cooling expert, he has outlined some points to consider about the benefits and selection of an electric cooling fan.

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Why buy a MARADYNE® High Performance Fan?

  • INCREASED ENGINE COOLING – Electric fans offer maximum performance at engine idle (when you need it most). Engine-driven fans are at their lowest rpm at idle.

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  • INCREASED HORSE POWER – Removing an engine-driven fan can increase horsepower as the engine drag from turning the fan is eliminated.

  • INCREASED MPG – Removing an engine-driven fan can increase gas mileage as well, as the engine drag from turning the fan is eliminated.

  • INCREASED A/C COOLING AT IDLE – Have you ever had your A/C blow warmer at a stop light? With the compressor turning slower at idle, increased airflow across the A/C condenser can help with colder A/C at idle.

  • CONCENTRIC RINGS – Larger MARADYNE® fans have rings that prevent the blades from flexing as they achieve maximum rpm. These rings keep the blades properly pitched for maximum airflow.

  • SEALED MOTORS – On Champion Series, Jetstreme and Mach One Series fans, the sealed motors are dust and waterproof to IP68 making them excellent for off-road applications where sand, dust or water can enter the engine compartment.

  • DYNAMICALLY BALANCED – All MARADYNE® fans are dynamically balanced at the factory with balancing clips just as you balance a tire to a wheel. This provides for smooth running, less noise and longer life for the motor.

  • NATIONWIDE AND CUP SERIES PROVEN – Our flagship fan, the 16” Champion Series M162K, is not only our most popular fan, it is the same fan we sponsor several Nationwide and Cup Series teams with. These teams value the fans as much for its ability to survive high speeds as for its performance. If it can cool an 800 hp 358 c.i. engine, it will likely cool your favorite ride. Most of our competition can not make this claim.

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How to Choose an Electric Cooling Fan?

What to consider when choosing the proper Maradyne High Performance Electric Cooling Fan. Maradyne HP Fans is considered a universal fit electric fan manufacturer so there are a couple different model fans that may fit any one application.

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First: Start with measuring the core size of the radiator, just the core do not include the measurements of the cooling tanks on each side or top and bottom of the radiator. This will give you an idea of what diameter fan can be used or what shrouded version fans can be used. (Note: fans must cover as much of the radiator as possible. Fabricating or purchasing a shroud may be necessary).

Second: Consider all aspects of the engine, if you are dealing with a stock to mildly upgraded engine you do not need a fan with a high wattage motor or highest rated cfm but if you are dealing with a mid to highly upgraded engine you will want to consider the fans that have a higher wattage motor with maximum cfm of air movement. Fan motor wattage can range from 130w to 225w in the 12v configuration. If your application is mild now but plan to upgrade it there is nothing wrong with using the higher cfm rated fans as the fan is controlled by the temperature sending unit.

Push vs. Pull: If you are working with space issues keep in mind certain model fans can be reversible so they can either pull the air or push the air through the radiator. For example, in the majority of automotive applications fans are set up in the puller configuration to pull the air through the radiator from the grill opening area; however due to space issues & air flow characteristics, the need to mount the fan in the pusher configuration to push the air from the grill area through the radiator may be necessary.

Wattage: Note the more powerful cfm fan or fans you may choose the more amp draw it will have so make sure your electrical system can handle the addition of an electric fan. Amp draws on 12 to 16 inch fans can range from 15 to 28 amps, some dual fan applications can draw up to 35 amps. Additional info.

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